Our Vision

Our vision is to see;

“Everybody a handshake from the King”

This is the practical outworking of Jesus’ great commission to go and make disciples of all nations. We want to see a world where every single person, knows somebody who knows Jesus, so that everybody has the opportunity to respond and receive Christ’s free gift for themselves.

Our Culture

In order to see our vision become a reality, we need a culture that encourages unity in the church. Where there is unity, God commands blessing (Psalm 133). We are building a kingdom culture, which will help us experience success in fulfilling our vision to see everybody a handshake from the King.

We are a community in which:

  • Everyone is Rooted & Planted — the Church is our spiritual home in the good seasons and the bad. We invest our time, talents and treasure there in the same way we do our own homes.

  • Everyone is Patient — fruit takes time to grow. Progress in vision takes time as well, so we must therefore be a patient people (Galatians 5).

  • Everyone is Content — the world tells us we always need bigger, better and more, but we want to be a people who are content with what we have and grateful to God for his provision. This doesn’t mean we can’t be seeking more converts, a building etc.

  • Everyone is Flexible — for a Church to see a vision fulfilled they must be flexible, willing to try new things and make mistakes, willing to work with one another and other churches.

  • Everyone is Willing to Disappear — we don’t live for our own glory or to have our own name known, but we will shrink back to see Christ’s name lifted higher (John 3:30). Likewise, we will disappear to see our brother or sister lifted higher (Philippians 2:3).

  • Everyone is Honoured — we recognise that we need to look after and honour ourselves. We honour and uplift each other and ultimately live lives that are honouring to God and His Church.


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